Vision 2020

Kapitel 3: Fachliches Können sorgt für Veränderung

Think broad, deep, global industry expertise. Finely tuned business acumen. Sales, marketing, communications, performance management, and networking.

Skilled procurement professionals will migrate to third-party services firms by 2020. Enterprise's new supply management professionals will possess entirely different sets of capabilities. Companies will fight to attract and retain top talent.

To prepare as a professional, experts advise you to:

  1. Acquire broad, deep, specialized knowledge in global supply markets and industry segments.
  2. Become a great finder and seller of ideas.
  3. Establish new connections and develop strong, positive business relationships worldwide.

To prepare as a supply management organization, experts advise you to:

  1. Figure out what will attract and motivate the next generation of business management talent. Structure jobs and work environments accordingly.
  2. Equip supply management talent with tools that empower them to work with anyone, anywhere and to capture, structure, and transform information into competitive intelligence.

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