Vision 2020

Kapitel 4: Unmittelbares Wissen kommt zum Einsatz

Information gets better, faster, more networked, more forward-looking ... and available right when you need it.

There are three ways the demand for high-quality business, risk, performance, and market intelligence gets met by 2020:

  1. The natural possessors of data get better at mining, analyzing, and shaping it into intelligence.
  2. Specialized niche organizations proliferate with the sole purpose of generating deep, usable intelligence.
  3. Online business communities continue to evolve, enabling secure intelligence-sharing among people, companies, supply networks, and industries.

To prepare, experts advise you to:

  1. Plan to be among the first to tap into collective business intelligence, reaping the greatest rewards.
  2. Accept that information-sharing happens, and create incentives and parameters that ensure secure, legal, consistent, and accurate sharing.
  3. Encourage data-possessing organizations to structure and transform it into usable intelligence, and think about valuing it as a commodity that can be sourced strategically.

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