Vision 2020

Kapitel 5: Zusammenarbeit wird zur ersten Pflicht

Companies will dramatically increase their dependence on suppliers for products, services, manpower, expertise, and new ideas.

Supply management organizations will work more closely with suppliers in 2020. Asking them to accept greater responsibility for generating positive performance outcomes, and occasionally enter into exclusive, gainsharing commercial relationships. In return, they'll give suppliers more information, and earlier and easier access to their own organizations. They'll write contracts that share risks, not shift them. And business networking technology will play a big role in making it all work.

To prepare, experts advise you to:

  1. Involve Legal and Finance in discussions about how critical supplier relationships might be restructured.
  2. Figure out how you'll segment and manage intellectual property rights with and among supplier groups.
  3. Use today's business networks to start discovering, tracking, and driving supplier collaboration.

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5: Collaboration Reigns

Buyers and sellers will work together on products, services, manpower, expertise, and new ideas.